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We understand that it can be stressful when your appliance breaks down. We do our best to come as soon as possible and work fast as we can to get the problem fixed. That’s why it became our company’s strategy to invest in two things: our technicians’ education and training, and our appliance parts stock, making sure that majority of the appliance problems we can fix in one trip. You can trust our appliance repair to our professional technicians. With years of working experience our technicians can provide the best quality appliance repair service. Whatever the problem is, we guaranty that we can fix it fast.

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It could be: A clog in the water valve. Verdict: Have a pro fix it for $185 to $275. It could be: Clogs in the holes of the gas burners. Verdict: Fix the problem yourself. It could be: Food spills or oil coating the spark plugs the small, rod shaped igniters on each burner that create the spark to light the flame. Verdict: Fix it yourself. It could be: A broken door latch or less commonly a worn gasket. And possibly this worst case scenario: a seal leak in the motor pump assembly, the heart of the machine. Verdict: If the latch or the gasket is shot, have a pro fix it. Either repair should cost $80 to $150. If the problem is the motor pump, ditch the machine.