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I have a few retail companies I do work for and thats whats keeping me busy. My town Panama City Beach Fl is very seasonal. So for the next month its slow down here. I use Marcone and Appliances Parts Pros for all my parts. Hi Chris – A lot of startup techs ask this critical question about lead generation, and the real answer is you have to piece your leads together from different sources. My free internet leads took a few months to grow while my website seasoned, but the most vital thing, and I seriously can not exaggerate the importance of this, is to get happy customers to give you good reviews online.

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However, before discussing risky invoicing practices further, it’s important to understand that SR’s desire to maintain a national network served as the context for its irregular invoicing practices. SR had difficulty: Interestingly, there was an incentive for SR and the repairman to tolerate different breakdowns for the same service call. The ambiguity allowed both parties to shape their interactions with the customers to their benefit. SR wanted to attract customers. When customers called to schedule a service call, SR customer service explained that there would be a charge for the repairman to show up. However, if the repairman fixed the problem, the service call charge would be waived, and only the cost of the repair would be charged. SR customer service would further explain that the cost of repair would depend on the problem and the type of repair necessary, rather than the duration of the repairman’s visit. In other words, SR implied there were specific fees for specific jobs and that repair time and professional expertise were embedded in the fee structure. The reasoning was that different repair jobs required different levels of effort and time and also different spare parts. Yet, when on the job, the repairmen wouldn’t charge the customer by the type of repair. Rather, they would charge the customer the service call fee and labor time.


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Our main goal is to provide quality appliance service for our customers to earn their trust and confidence. During these years we have helped 1000’s of happy customers. We understand that it can be stressful when your appliance breaks down. We do our best to come as soon as possible and work fast as we can to get the problem fixed. That’s why it became our company’s strategy to invest in two things: our technicians’ education and training, and our appliance parts stock, making sure that majority of the appliance problems we can fix in one trip. You can trust our appliance repair to our professional technicians.